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I don’t often talk about specific clients, but one of them gained recognition recently for the improvement in their performance, and it gives a great illustration of how a mature company can, with focus, shift gears and gain a whole new momentum. You can read about their nomination for the Dynamic Dozen in the southwest Missouri area in the local business paper, the Springfield Business Journal.

When I started working with Dynatek Dalta in 2003, they had been in business for 20 years, but despite having some great technical and scientific skills had never realized their true potential. After helping to facilitate some ThinkTegic sessions with Mike Renfer, I started to spend days at a time with the Dynatek team (including the owners, Jim Conti and Elaine Strope) helping complete the picture of their current and desired state, and plotting a strategic path to move the company on to a different plain.

Ultimately, I took on a temporary role as General Manager to give hands-on support for Dynatek’s transition. Of course, I underestimated how long progress would take, and so ended up staying in that role for 3 years.

Although my stay with Dynatek was longer than anticipated, and the extent of my commitment to them meant that I had to reduce time with other clients, the end result was more than satisfactory. In their first 20 years, Dynatek had broken the $1Million revenue ceiling only once. In my second and third year there we achieved $1.6M and $2.2M, and in 2008 they reached $4.2M. Of course, the challenge now will be to maintain that momentum.

I should repeat that I rarely disclose client information. The revenue figures given here were made public as a result of Dynatek being nominated for the the SBJ’s Dynamic Dozen.



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